Our Approach

Our Goal is “Simple”. What we seek is to create better. We want to learn and share: how do you grow your website, grow your YouTube Channel and online business? How can you and I do better so that we can expand our reach, grow our influence and opportunities?

Making money online is great! However, there is more to life than money – we want to help others become more, do more as we strive to create better. As I tell my children, “Help me, help you”.

Our Story

Every business has a story. Ours starts with wanting to do better for my children. I wanted them to have a better life than the one I had. I wanted them to achieve more by learning more. Life is full of opportunities – you just have to go find them. So building this website is my way of helping you achieve success. Why? Because by helping you, I learn more, and can continue to help others.

Meet the Team

Here are the people we hope will inspire, motivate and make you laugh. Let’s face it, without laughter life is not worth living. Have patience we are still growing – and we want you to grow with us.

Mr Medina

Founder & CEO

Avid learner, Realtor, Insurance agent, Tech and all around funny Dad.


Vice President

If she can manage her college finances, she can help you to.



He brings the fun – the learning is difficult but the laughs are a plenty.

Next Steps…

Support US: Purchase my Book. I wrote it for my children and I believe it helped them achieve their success in academia – school. Check it out tell me what you think.

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