Are Video Thumbnails Important? Why?

Everyone who wants to grow their YouTube channel, meaning more views and more subscribers, will do just about anything. We search the internet, listen to all of the YouTube Guru’s and we try everything we can to get more views for our videos.
I am working on a test to see for myself – see results down below.

Are Video Thumbnails Important?

The first thing you notice is an image. You can have a page full of text and your eyes will gravitate towards any image on the page. This is important to know because during some search – thumbnails (images) are the first thing to populate the page (in top section). In many instances the thumbnail is on the side (left) with the description to the right.

The eye – your eyes will automatically be attracted to any image on the page. This means you have a higher probability someone will click on your video. Let’s not fail to mention that if you are fighting for “eyes” (more video views) you want to create the best thumbnail (image) you can to attract those viewers.

Why Video Thumbnails Important?

If done correctly, as any self-respecting guru, not to mention that YouTube tells anyone who will listen, that thumbnails are important. Believes that with the right mixture of pop – meaning color. The imagery or story telling the image presents. Let’s face it, a picture is worth more than a thousand words. People will be attracted to a good thumbnail and therefore more willing to click that think and give you more views.

Thumbnails Are Not Everything

Before you spend countless hours on making awesome thumbnails, we have to remember that while thumbnails are important – you still need good content. You need quality video, good sound, an interesting story or message. Decent editing helps and amazing editing really helps. In the end, you need good content.

The point being, coming back to: are video thumbnails important? Is that the thumbnail is the first thing people see. You need to attract views and you have to remember that you are competing with others for those views.

Video Thumbnails Important Test

I decided to run a test, just to see if I could build up or get more views on a video that over the years I think has been staling.

My test video is: Fred Wild Principal in Jail
I will only change the thumbnail and nothing else. No metadata, nothing – description, tags, nothing will be changed except for the thumbnail.

If you are reading this, I would like you to be the first to judge. If you would like to participate, in the comment section below please let me know which thumbnail you like most.

Here is the current image…

This video, with this as it’s thumbnail has received 62K plus views.
On average, looking at the analytics, it gets an average of 50+ views a day.
The video has had to spikes in it’s lifetime. It received 1,000 plus views the first few days and a large spike in average views during the months of May thru August in the summer of 2018.

Again, the average view is 50+ views a day.
I am hoping that maybe the change in the thumbnail will help increase the views.
I am hoping that it does not have an adverse effect and views drop (crossing fingers).
I am trying out this new image.

Are Video Thumbnails Important

What do you think? Which image do you think is best?
Leave your choice down below and let me know.

I am starting this test on: September 25, 2018
I will come back on: November 30, 2018 to see if anything has improved or worsened.

This has been done by many professionals (having more data than I, in order to truly test this out). But I am doing this just to see if on a personal level it can help.

The question is: Are Video Thumbnails Important?

I am hoping that having a better quality image, more polished and professional look will increase my videos daily average view count. If it does great, I may do more. I will certainly create better quality videos for my future videos (that is just a given). What I hope does not happen is that my views somehow drop. That would hurt.

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