Balmoral Island Bahamas Beach Review

Balmoral Island Bahamas Beach Review: This was amazing and I hate going to the beach. Trust me, ask my wife. But going on this Balmoral Island Bahama beach excursion was worth it. There is so much good to say about this place and a few bad things but first watch the video and see what I am going to be reviewing.

Balmoral Island Bahamas Beach Review:

Balmoral Island Beach

There is a lot to say about the Balmoral Island and the Bahamas. First, I did not know there were 700 hundred islands that make up the Bahamas. Have not googled it, but that is what my boat ferry guide told us. We also saw Eddie Murphy’s Island. My son had no idea who he was. “Famous actor” I said. “Not that famous – I don’t know him…,” my son says.

Balmoral Island Bahamas Beach ReviewBack to Balmoral Island and the Balmoral Beach excursion. You want clean clear water, white sandy beach and a picturesque view, this certainly is one of the places you want to visit. It is beautiful; it can get a bit crowded because they have people coming from the cruise ships and hotels on the other island. Nevertheless, I found it spacious the time I spent there (about three to three and a half hours).

We came from the cruise line, Carnival Liberty. I will give a Carnival Liberty Cruise Review in another post. For this post I just want to focus on the beach at Balmoral Island Bahamas.

What to do?

There are several things to do on the Island. You have scuba & snorkeling, swim with Dolphins, outdoor activities like the dance floor and the bar or just sunbathing on the beach. Don’t forget waddling in the ocean. I say waddling because the area they rope off for you to swim in is not that deep – maybe about three feet in most areas (some a little deeper).

You also have boat Tours, I watched this person being lead to a parasailing excursion he had signed up for. There is a lot to do – but it all cost extra. By extra, I mean a lot extra. Our simple beach excursion with no extras, just a ferryboat ride that takes 35 minutes to get you to the island, cost us fifty dollars per person. Again, not complaining (just in case my wife is reading this).

Balmoral Island

As I stated above, I am not a fan of the beach. I hate being in the sun, it is not my thing. My wife, she loves it. So when I say that it was fun, nice, relaxing and I did get in the ocean. I do mean it. In no way shape or form is my review bias. I truly did find it a wonderful place and I am so grateful my wife forced me to go. It is an experience I am glad I was able to share with my family.

I did not do the bar thing, neither did I do the dance floor (they did have a good DJ). I certainly did not go to the pool and why would I. You have an entire ocean to swim in and people go to a crowded pool? No thank you, I will enjoy the open space of the sea.

My One Regret

I do have one regret, and this is my problem with the whole trip. I wanted to go snorkeling – it is still a lifelong dream. To go snorkeling in the ocean, see all sorts of fish and sea life. I wanted that. And yes, they do offer a Balmoral island snorkeling excursion. However, it cost $180 per person. Now you can call me cheap if you want but that is a lot. You also consider that I was with my family, a family of four. That my friend was an expense I could not afford to splurge on in such short notice.

Do not get me wrong, I loved the trip. I love the Balmoral Island Bahamas Beach. I just wish I had planned better for such a large expense. It would have been an amazing family experience.

Negative Balmaral Experience

Now for the one thing I did not like. I read a few reviews and some people complain that the excursion had flaws. One person wrote a Balmoral Island Bahamas Beach review saying that they paid for the full lunch and cabana experience (they were on another ship). They say they were rushed; the food was burnt and did not enjoy it. Fair, it was another cruise line and it all could be true.

Personally, the people I saw on the island were having a good time. I do agree you pay a lot for snorkeling or swimming with dolphins and having a time constraint as well as waiting on line would bother me. But then again, if that is what you want – book a trip directly to the Bahamas and stay in a resort (pay the extra for the things you want).

What I didn’t Like

I did not want to get off the ship. My goal, my desire was to experience the cruise, the ship. So getting off the ship to explore Nassau Bahamas was not my thing. I knew it would happen and thankfully, it was not as bad as I expected it to be. With-that-said, having people trying to sell my 14 yr. old son cuban cigars, hounding us to get a tour or trying to sell us something the minute we get off the ship is not my thing. I hate it when people are too aggressive in their selling tactics.

I understand, you need to make a sale (I worked in sales, I know). However, I am on vacation, I just want to see your island, your culture and if I like something, I will buy something. Do not try to pressure me to buy alcohol, cigars or anything for that matter.

Get Balmoral Bahama Excursion

This is why I suggest that if you go to the Bahamas on vacation, especially if you are on a cruise – get the excursion. You have a guide, they take you to an island and you can just relax and enjoy. If I want a drink, I buy it and no one is selling a cuban cigar to my child who is a minor.

That alone makes the price so worth it. Do not get me wrong. You want to see the sites, dive into the culture. Go right ahead. But remember to take cash because few (almost none) take credit. Not to mention that we were told to not stray far from the dock because of high crime and danger. So, personally I am fine with Balmoral Island Bahamas Beach. It is a wonderful place, beautiful and I would go again if able to.

Balmoral Island Bahamas Beach Review

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