Best Cuban Restaurant near me in Orlando Florida

If you love Cuban food or would like to try something new – with authentic Latin flavor. Let me tell you about the best cuban restaurant near me in Orlando Florida.

Oh yes, I believe it’s the best – OK. One of the best. It was just so good.

Best Cuban Restaurant near me

Here I am visiting my daughter in Orlando Florida and I am trying to live up to my new motto: Life is about the experiences we live. So I put aside the favorite places I frequent because I am a creature of habit and I tried to look for something new.

Now I am not that familiar with Orlando Florida, especially the area my daughter lives in so I did what any respectable tourist would do, I googled it. I whipped out my cell phone and typed: cuban restaurant near me in Orlando Florida.

After scrolling through a few options I settled on Old Cuban Café. It was close, never been there and the pictures of the place and of the food made me want to go there.

Old Cuban Café

The old cuban café is that and a little bit more. They have a sitting area for eating in (restaurant style), and they have a bakery and an area for all of the wonderful deserts.

Since I was trying to live life to the fullest, having experiences in order to live a fuller life – I didn’t to eat in. Take in the ambiance, the music and the feel of the place. Also it gave me a reason to write a review for this blog post and my youtube channel.

I will admit, I am partial to spanish food being of hispanic decent, but I will also confess I do not eat a lot of hispanic food.

Cuban Food

It’s odd calling it cuban food, to me it’s just food, but I guess seeing as how the food is based on the culture and the flavors and style they use – we have to identify what we are eating by its ethnicity. So just in case you happen to be a politically correct sensitive individual – I am simply identifying the culture in which the flavors come from.

Cuban Restaurant e colonial drive orlando florida

So back to the delicious, mouth-watering cuban food. I cannot say it enough, it was just that good. And if you knew my son, you would know that when he says something is good – it is good. My son if a picky and finicky eater. Not to mention that he is allergic to almost everything. So when he likes something, you have to take him seriously.

Cuban Coffee

My one regret is that I forgot to order a cup of cuban coffee. No, I love coffee and drink it like if it was water but cuban coffee is not to my liking. I did enjoy the special drink my wife was having (the small sip she share).

Besides the coffee there was a large selection of wine’s, beers and a sorted alcoholic beverages. I am not a drinker but it seems the bar was stacked and filled with every kind, make and name brand – from the strong to what they call “top shelf” in the old cowboy movies. I’m not sure that is historically correct but you know what I mean – top of the line.

E Colonial Dr. Orlando, Florida

If you are in the area and you really want to experience the delectable, delicious and mouth-watering taste of Cuban food, drive yourself to this place:

12014 E Colonial Dr.
Orlando, Florida 32826
(407) 823-7777
Visit their Facebook page:

Old Cuban Cafe Near me E Colonial Dr Orlando Florida

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