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My first time camping in the woods in a cabin. Can you call it cabin camping? We spent 3 days 2 nights at Devil’s Den. If you have never been – you really should try it. See Devil’s Den swimming in sinkhole Video.

If you love spending outdoors but want or need a cabin – Devil’s Den offers this and more.

The whole campground is an amazing place and yes, the big draw is the snorkeling and scuba diving in the cave ( cavern ), which is basically me swimming in a big sink hole full of natural spring water. But hey! It was cool. Somewhat a once in a lifetime thing, scratch that off the bucket list.

Devil’s Den Cabin

Swimming in the scary giant hole in the ground is the main attraction. However, I did enjoy the natural beauty of it all. You can tent camp, no reservations needed, come when you want. You can rent an RV spot as well. However, with tent camping or if camper has no bathroom, you get the porta-potty and maybe the use of the showers and latrine by the pool.

For me, and my family, (mainly my wife) we needed more than that so I rented one of four cabins Springs Devil’s Den offers to visitors. I was not entirely sure what to expect because there are no reviews, or very few reviews that give a lot of detail.

I now know the cabin comes with small sink, a small fridge (like for a college student), a microwave and no stove. You do have access to the large grill outside that all four cabins share. I personally purchased food that can be easily nuked (microwave) and drove thirty miles to an amazing pizzeria, The Blue Highway – Micanopy 204 NE Hwy 441 Micanopy, Fl. 332667. We also made several stops at the McDonalds that is just shy of two miles away.

Cabins Review

The cabin is small, has two floors, or I should say a loft with two twin beds. You have the kitchen, bathroom, eating area, TV and a large bed on the first floor. It is well maintained, and I had no complaints. Even if my wife did suggest bleaching every square foot of the cabin. She is a germ-a-phoebe.

I liked that it came stocked with plates, utensils and a coffee maker. I love coffee. Even if I ended up going every morning to McDonalds to buy a cup since my wife and her phobia did not allow me to use the coffee maker. She kills me. I was also glad to see we had a small sink, fridge and microwave.

Just a suggestion to Devil’s den – if you happen to read this. In the website photos, it would be nice to have a full picture of the kitchen area so that we the “potential” customer can be better informed. With that said, I enjoyed the cabin, it was clean, my neighbors were nice and the site was amazing.

My One Dislike

I am not a big fan of giving bad reviews – if I can I avoid doing it. But if I am going to write about these places and create YouTube videos so that people can be informed. I have to be honest and fair. No place is perfect and I do not want to give anyone that impression. So here goes:

What I did not like was the small shower space and the shower design. The shower works by – let us just say it has a weird nozzle you pull down on the spout; I pinched my finger every time.

I also did not appreciate the fact that the only thing to do here was the Devil’s Den. Don’t get me wrong, I took walks, enjoyed the scenery – loved the cabin. However, all of the trails are “enter at your own risk”. With the exception of the volleyball net and two small games, there is nothing else to do.

Walking the campsite, it appears that at one time they had several swimming holes and nature trails. However, they are all now fenced off, risky entrance access or not maintained. One particular trail went off into nowhere and the farther we went the more dangerous it got.

Would I recommend It?

Would I recommend Devil’s den to my family and friends? Yes, I would. It may have its flaws but I like it’s charm, the cabins are good and well maintained. Besides, you have to admit the den – Devil’s Den is a once in a lifetime thing. It is something people want to try and to tell their friends they tried it.

So if you want to do something a bit dangerous, interesting and wild, plan to visit Devil’s den. Just go early if you do not want to wait long or rent a cabin like the one I did. I wanted to be the first group in. My best suggestion would be to go during the week as it seems to be less busy.

Check out the Den – click image below.

Devils Den in Florida Sink Hole in williston florida

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