Devil’s Den Springs Cabins, Tent Camping, RV spots

Devil’s Den Springs accommodates cabins, tents, and RVs, so just about everyone can spend the night at hell’s front door. I am sorry – just joking. It is called Devil’s Den.

I personally am renting a cabin at Devil’s Den because I wanted to experience the full effect of the area. The more important reason or why is because it is just one leg of my journey. I hope to share more about that later.

Does Devil’s Den Have Cabins?

First question my wife asked; is it safe to swim at Devil’s Den? Second question: Can I get my own snorkel mask? However, the most important one was. Where are we going to stay? Of which I was fully prepared to answer (after doing my research).

We are renting cabins. Currently Devil’s Den has four cabins to rent. Of which I rented knowing my wife did not want to go camp (tent) and we do not own an RV. Which is fine if you like to camp or own an RV because Devil’s Den provides all three accommodations.

Tent campgrounds run $11 per night, are first come, first-serve, and check-in time is before 5 p.m. There are four cabins on site, all are the same size and sleeps four people. The cabins run around $100 per night, they also have a vast RV park with a $26.50 fee per night. The tent and RV sites have port-a-potties and more permanent restroom facilities.

devils den cabins

Are Pets Allowed?

To many of us our pets are not pets. They are often part of the family. My daughter calls her cat “son” and even refers to her cat as my grandson. Hence, she asked me if there was any way we could take her cat with us on this trip. Sadly (I secretly smiled as I informed her) the answer is no.

No pets allowed. Be sure to leave the furry companions at home—the owners enforce a strict no pet policy.

What Restaurants are near Devil’s Den?

On site, there is no eating facility – no restaurant. Only a food truck that comes on the weekends according to the website and some reviews comment on this as well.

In a review on The Dyrt, Theresa K. advises Devil’s Den visitors to bring their own food options, because there is little within driving distance. The campsite only offers a food truck on the weekends.

This is another reason I wanted a cabin because we can bring food with us, have a safe place to store it and prepare it. Not to mention save a bit of money because eating out is expensive. My son eats like there is no tomorrow.

But there are Restaurants nearby.

If you are passing by or staying the night and prefer to eat at a restaurant, with some driving, you have a few choices available to you.

I did a google search and this is what I found:
Green Shutters Restaurant – 1.9 miles from Devil’s Den
The Ivy House Restaurant and Boutique – 2.2 miles from Devil’s Den
Shogun Restaurant – 2.2 miles from Devil’s Den
Bubbaque’s is 2.3 miles away
Melanie’s Restaurant is 2.3 miles away

There are several places to eat according to Google maps. However, as you can see they all average about 2 miles in distance from Devil’s Den. Oh and yes, they are not big brand or large chain restaurants. In fact, I did not see not one high-end restaurant so be prepared for that.

Should I stay somewhere else?

Should you opt for a nice hotel, far from the Devil’s Den Springs (google maps – average hotel is 15 plus miles away) or would it be wise to stay on site to better enjoy the experience? That is a very good question. One I cannot answer for you because different people means different likes or needs and desires.

I personally wanted to be on site because I feel like I want the whole experience. My ulterior motive is – I wanted content for my YouTube channel and my Blog. I can get the most as in a concise review if I experience the entirety of Devil’s Den. However, that may not be what you need. Below are two unbiased reviews from complete strangers.

“The campground has cabins, RV hookups and tent sites. It’s nothing to write home about. It was just convenient to be close to the springs since it’s a decent drive from any other major city in Florida. The springs themselves are quite cold so in the end we didn’t spend that much time swimming – we probably could have driven back home and not camped after all. The Devil’s Den itself is very neat to see, definitely worth going to at least once to snorkel or scuba dive. But if you can drive back to wherever you’re staying, I would!” – The Dyrt camper Laura H.

“Beautiful grounds. Separate tent and RV camping. beautiful cabins and pool. But the highlight of camping here is being able to explore Devils Den while snorkeling and or diving. There is a full dive shop on site with equipment rentals. Nice picnic areas and community fire pit. Neighboring experiences include botanical garden and horseback riding – 5 min from major retailer to restock supplies. Bathrooms are not the best but they are clean. Staff is very friendly! No pets outside of RV area – strictly enforced!” -The Dyrt camper Jeanene A.

Why Come Here?

Is the cabin nice? What is there to eat? These and many more questions need to be answered if you want to be prepared for your adventure. However, let us not forget that the reason you or I are going to Devil’s Den is for Devil’s Den. We want the experience of snorkeling in that deep, dark but majestic historic cavern.

As one blog magazine put it: “Venturing down, ancient, stalactite-toothed caves and translucent waters fill the ancient sinkhole. It’s little wonder why early settlers viewed Devil’s Den Spring as a portal to the underworld.” –

I am going there for the experience of snorkeling and exploring the depths of a prehistoric spring in Devil’s Den. That is all. If the company is good, great. If you want to stay in a cabin, camp out in a tent or stay in an RV. It is up to you to choose. And as far as eating, again you are free to do what makes you happy.

Is There A Long Wait Time?

According to everything I have read, the wait time to wet your feet in Devil’s Den Springs can take hours on busy or popular days. Like all things, good things come to those who wait. However, if you are stuck waiting for your turn, you are advised to take this time to enjoy the nearby sites. Do not worry about losing your turn (spot on line) at Devils’s Den Springs. They have a system in place to help; you receive a call on your cell phone when it is your group’s turn to snorkel.

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