Does Gaylord Palms have Suites – say what?

Does Gaylord Palms have suites? That is a good question and the answer is: only if you can afford it.

Don’t get me wrong I love the Gaylord Palms and I have stayed there, I have – just check out one of the videos I made about my stay.

Gaylord Palms Resort Hotel Room Review

Like I said, I love the Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center in Orlando Florida. I took a nice getaway trip with my wife and we both fell in love with the place. I love the Atrium, the restaurants – oh all of the restaurants. We ate at all of them except for the sushi place, I am allergic (and I like living).

You can also check out the Gaylord Palms Atrium, I have a video on that as well: Gaylord Palms Atrium has Gators, Best Hotels in Orlando.

But back to the question at hand. Does Gaylord Palms have Suites?

Again the answer is, only if you can afford it. By that I mean, it is expensive. I checked into it, just thinking about taking the whole family and all. But when I noticed the prices per night. I almost had a heart attack.

Suites at Gaylord Palms

Executive, 1 Bedroom Suite, 1 King, Sofa bed – $625 per night. (As per date of post)
Deluxe, 1 Bedroom Suite, 1 King, Sofa bed – $833 per night. (As per date of post)

Here is my problem with the suites at the Gaylord Palms – I can’t afford them! The rates that is. Even if I could not sure I would want to pay that much. Why? Read their description of the room and take a gander at the bold type.

Our Deluxe Suite combines the rich luxuries of our standard guest room with an expanded living and dining area. The suite includes a large conference/dining room table as well as a separate living area. This room is ideal for hosting a few friends for drinks or relaxing in a home-like environment after a day’s activities.

At Home???

I don’t know about you but I do not go to hotels because they remind me of home. If I want a home environment – I stay home. Why even leave.

One of the things I tell my wife is, if we go on a trip we go for the experience. It’s either about the hotel experience or it’s about the experience we have at the attractions. Sometimes I find myself looking for a … let’s just say a less expensive hotel to stay at because it’s all about the attraction.

I want to have fun at Sea World, Walt Disney or Universal. That means my day is all about the park. The hotel room is really only about having a place to crash, to sleep. In fact I don’t even spend any time at the hotel so why go all out on the hotel. I’d rather spend my money at the park, restaurants and souvenirs.

Hotel Experience

If I am at the hotel because of the experience that I want to have at a resort. Well, we do what my wife and I did at the Gaylord Palms. We spend all our time enjoying the hotel and all of its amenities. The pool, the water park if they have one. We spend time in the Atrium like what we did. We drink, talk, eat fine food and splurge on those things. … and we get romantic. Hey! It’s what we do as consenting and loving adults.

So while I was doing a bit of research for my website and my YouTube channel I ran across the search term: Does Gaylord Palms have suites? I was a bit shocked, because who would ask that kind of a question? What high end hotel or resort does not have suites?

So what did I do? I decided to write a post on the very subject because just in case people were asking. I want them to find my website and watch my video. Is it too much to ask?

Suite at Gaylord Palms Hotel Resort

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