Driftwood Beach at Jekyll Island Club Resort

Driftwood Beach is one of the reasons why we decided to spend our Fourth of July vacation at Jekyll Island Club Resort. Driftwood Beach will amaze you with its beautiful driftwood and trees that resemble a scene from another world.

Driftwood Beach is a beautiful amazing beach located on the northern end of Jekyll Island. It can be found on N. Beachview Drive between Clam Creek Picnic Area and Villas by the Sea Resort.

The gnarled and weathered trees are left behind from years of erosion. If you are a photographer or you just want to be Instagram famous, Driftwood beach offers a wonderful location for photographs and is a very popular site for weddings.

Driftwood beach is only an eleven minute short drive ( according to Google maps because it felt like five minutes to me ) from the Jekyll Island Club Resort. From Clam Creek Picnic Area, simply follow the signs for the Wildlife Viewing Area and take the paved walkway toward Clam Creek. There are multiple beach access points along North Beach view Drive, which provides access to Driftwood Beach.

We arrived at Driftwood Beach by accessing the free shuttle service from Jekyll Island Club Resort. If you want to drive your own car, you can park at designated parking areas along the road, next to each beach access point.

What is Driftwood Beach?

Driftwood Beach was once a maritime forest that is now a sandy shore lined with weathered tree trunks and branches. This is truly a sight that is unique to the Golden Isles. Driftwood Beach is ideal for a sunny afternoon, a morning picnic, and even stargazing late at night.

My personal suggestion to you is to visit Driftwood Beach during early morning hours or during the evening hours. I say this because it does get hot and there is no shade on the beach. Not to mention the fact that these are the best times to take amazing incredible photos.

Best Time to Visit

Apparently, according to the Driftwood Beach website. There are optimal times, due to the high and low tides, to visit the beach.

“Be aware that this beach is very dependent on the tides, meaning when it’s high tide, the beach isn’t as accessible or spacious. The best time to visit Driftwood Beach is on an outgoing tide, or at low tide. Check a current tide chart before planning your visit.” source found here

Access to Driftwood Beach is free; all parking is free, but please be aware there is an $8 daily fee to access Jekyll Island. The fee is a one-time day charge ( you can leave and enter during a 24 hour period ) and is used to help maintain the nature preserve as well as care for the wild life.

More About Driftwood Beach

“Jekyll Island’s beloved Driftwood Beach enchants all who visit its beautiful shores. The beach and its iconic driftwood formed as a result of decades of erosion.” visit the website www.goldenisles.com/things-to-do

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