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Three Things they never told me: First Time using GoPro Hero 7 Black, it is great, an amazing camera. But, you already know that. Because like me you have probably already watched hours and hours of videos on the GoPro Hero 7. Trust me it lives up to all of the hype. Though there are three things no one ever told me about using the GoPro.

I’ve watched hours of videos on the GoPro Hero 7 black before finally jumping in and buying one – it’s expensive and I wanted to make sure it was the right thing for me.

If you want to learn a lot more about setting up some of the settings on the GoPro, watch Peter McKinnon’s video. I will provide a link below as well as others. I watch all McKinnon’s videos so check him out (listen to me, like if you already didn’t know him – he has millions of followers).

Why GoPro Hero 7

I wanted to get ready for my Devil’s Den snorkeling trip, as well as my Jekyll Island Club Resort trip – I was going to be in and around a lot of water and I wanted to get some cool video of the underwater cavern and more. You can check those videos out, link provided below.

Just like my snorkel mask, I went out to visit my daughter and I jumped in the pool to test out the GoPro Hero 7 black. The settings were set up just like Peter McKinnon said in his video and I was doing everything I could think of to make interesting video clips (as practice).

As I tested the GoPro out and then when I downloaded the videos I learned three things I have never heard or I totally missed because I am no expert – but. I noticed these three things about the Goro hero 7 black.

Three things they never told me:

One: The view screen goes black at times when the water touches the view screen. So like a newbie I thought the battery ran out or that it powered off. Here I am trying to turn it back on again while it was still recording. I found a few video clips of my elbow, belly and other weird shots (don’t ask).

All you have to do is touch the screen and it starts the display again. Simple, but since I did not know, I missed a lot of good video opportunities.

Second: The fear of putting an expensive camera into the water, after so many years of it being a no-no was nerve racking. What I didn’t know was that moving the camera in and out of the water creates a problem. Such as having water droplets all over my amazing video clips.

I didn’t even notice until I was a few video clips into my videos that noticed that some of the droplets really distort the video. I am sure there is a simple solution or and GoPro sells an overly priced item to help with this. But, I lost some good footage having the sun light distort the image in the video. And simply wiping it with my fingers is not that effective.

Three: This one I should have guessed but I didn’t think about it until much later. I figured you could not record sound well or at all under water. However, it seems the water droplets that form also muffle the sound when you take it out of the water.

I should have thought about it, but youtubers do such a great job with the editing I never thought about it. At one point in a video clip I am in, the sound of my voice was distorted and muffled. As youtuber’s we all know how important sound is. People may forgive some video quality but when it comes to sound, there is no mercy. So more video was lost.

Not as Easy as You Think?

It seems easy; you grab a camera and you just start to make videos. It is not. You have to have a plan, you need to know how to use your equipment and while you are recording. You have to be thinking about sound, lighting, angles, b-roll and so much more. Because if you do not. You could just end up wasting your time and time is too precious to waste.

If you are thinking of getting the GoPro Hero 7, trust me, it is a great camera. Just remember that the GoPro is a tool and you have to learn how to best use it.

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Click image below to see Devils Den.

Devils Den in Florida Sink Hole in williston florida

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