Food Challenge Video – create better videos “make donuts, 600 of them!”

Food Challenge video: How to make better videos. You would be surprised to see how people react when you call asking for an order of 600 donuts. They thought I was joking.

Purchasing those donuts and making this video took a lot out of me. If you like the video – Support us and Subscribe to my YouTube channel Mr. Medina TV

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Make Better Videos

Get 600 donuts. My wife, Mrs. Medina did not believe it could be done. Without realizing it she turned it into a food challenge – and I love challenges.

All I did was share my thoughts and desire. I just wanted to buy everyone at the Fred Wild Elementary school; students, teachers, administration and staff. I wanted them all to have a donut.

Of course then I asked her. How many donuts would that be? My jaw dropped when she said it was a total of 600 people. I was thinking of giving up until she said that I was crazy. Asking me why would I even think of doing this – it was impossible. That is when my inner me – the crazy one took over.

This is when it dawned on me. This would make a great video idea. This is what I tell my students, about creating better videos and coming up with good video ideas.

YouTube Video Ideas

People are always looking for YouTube video ideas, something that would be interesting that people will want to watch. Good video ideas and well-produced video will get you more views, and more views will get you more subs. And we all want more views and subs.

So when I ran across this idea and Mrs. Medina turned it into a challenged I knew this would make an interesting video. Why? Because people love donuts and people love crazy challenges.

So the first thing I did was research. I wanted to know if people were actually searching for videos that related to donuts.

Good search words & …

I did what every good video creator does; I did my research. I went on tube buddy and I looked up how often people search for donuts, dunkin donuts and I learned that a good search term was “food challenge”. Millions of people search for food challenges every month so I knew my idea was searchable.

This means that even after my friends, family and subscribers have watched my food challenge 600 donuts video – YouTube will still promote my video because people are searching for these kinds of videos.

At this moment, I realized that I had a good idea, a search term that was good and tags that will help me get more views in order to grow my channel. Because that is what we all want and need as youtubers.

Good idea / Good video

This meant that I had to be more creative with my video. I had to give my best efforts and take a bit more time with my video. I guess this is what creators would call a “Hero” video. It’s a video you take the best of everything you have an you pour it into the video.

Of course, I did just that. I enlisted my wife and my son as camera people. They recorded me driving up to Dunkin donuts. My son was embarrassed but he stood in the middle of the Dunkin Donuts parking lot recording me drive up, get out of the car and more.

I recorded myself talking on the phone and for the first time I tried an editing trick I have always wanted to do. I editing myself talking to myself on camera. I think it came out very well ( I at least think so). I also added sound effects, subtle but present. I searched for an hour trying to pick the right music using YouTube’s free copyright music because I did not want any issues with YT.

Creating Evergreen Videos

In this video, I was able to capture several key important factors when you want to create better videos. That is if you want to grow your youtube channel.

1. The idea is something people want to see – Food Challenge.
People love challenges and they want to see crazy things like someone trying to buy six hundred donuts.
2. The idea lends itself to many great search terms.
People search for these terms millions of times a month. Terms like food challenge, Dunkin, how to make donuts and etc.
3. It can be an evergreen video, which means more video views.
An evergreen video is a video that has a long life. Things like Halloween, Christmas and thanksgiving – are video that come about every year. Therefore, a video on how to make the perfect pumpkin has an opportunity to be found in search, every year.
4. If created correctly, entertaining or informatively it will be shared or viewed more than once.
A good idea, a creative thumbnail, a great title and amazing search terms can only do so much. In the end you need a good video. The sound, the video quality, the editing and everything in the video – the content has to be good.

I want you to notice that I never said the video has to be great, it simply has to be good. If you have a good idea, good title and tags based on terms that are highly searched for on a monthly basis.

Create Better Videos

If you want to create better videos all you have to is … Give your best. Do your best. Create the best video you can. Most important than that – be you.

Sometimes we see people create videos and it is amazing and then we want to do what they do forgetting that it is not about the camera, the software or anything else. It is based on your talent and your knowledge.

Start by creating videos, and every video you create work on expanding your skills, talent and knowledge. Every chance you get, look at everything in your life as a potential video idea. My food challenge about buying six hundred donuts video came about me thinking about doing something for someone else.

If you run into something impossible, challenging or crazy – write it down. Why? Because it very well may be the beginning of an interesting, creative video idea. The only thing you have to do is figure out if your idea is something people are searching for online. If they are, do I have the ability to make a video about it.

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