Fred Wild Free Dunkin Donuts for Christmas Video

Fred Wild Free Dunkin Donuts for Christmas Video
This is how I turned a simple prize of “free Donuts” into an event that needs to be in video and on YouTube. It’s all about how to make anything fun, exciting and YouTube worthy.

Fred Wild Free Donuts

Now Create Better Videos

I enjoy working with our students, it can be difficult and challenging at times but they are great. It’s only been a lot more fun since I started motivating our students to learn by solving riddles. You know, it’s called critical thinking. It all started with me just trying to get them to listen to the schools Fred Wild News that we produce, live stream on YouTube.

I thought it would be interesting to see how many of the students would notice if I were to sneak in a hidden message into the video. It was just me asking them to subscribe to the channel and they might win a prize. Did they notice? Oh! They noticed and were really interested.

Video Makes it Amazing

Of course seeing how they responded I had to give a prize – I settled on donuts. Of which they loved (did not expect that). Trying to keep it fresh and interesting I started sharing riddles to solve at the end of the FWE News video. Some simple, others more intricate but the students just kept getting more and more involved.
So trying to memorialize the event and give an added bonus to those who won the donuts drawing, I created a simple video. Here is my first one: Fred Wild Elementary Funny Donuts contest Bohan class winners.

Let’s just say it was a hit with the students and some of the teachers as well. So I decided that I would make a video for every class that won (more work than I thought and since I was paying it all out of my pocket; more expensive than I originally prepared for). But I don’t regret it. The kids love it and I have fun with it.

The Hard Part about Making Videos

The hard part about creating videos is coming up with new ideas, an interesting way to present the donuts or whatever prize I present. I say that because I have an interesting prize coming up real soon with the help of a local business.

I am going to put this here for a future post I plan to write:
How to come up with interesting video ideas.

I’m putting this here because some of the students ask me questions about YouTube. They want to know: how do you become a youtuber? How do you make videos? What kind of camera do I use and so forth? So in the spirit of this website I will start sharing what I know, have learned, and what I can here on

Fred Wild FREE Dunkin Donuts

I want to thank Dunkin Donuts for the discount on the donuts. To be fair I also tried Winn Dixie but my wife said we get better varieties at Dunkin Donuts and they have all the cool holiday decorated donuts. Which I have to say, made it a lot more fun and gave me the idea of making it more of a Christmas themed video since, well it was the month of December.

I also want to thank my wife and Mrs. Culverhouse for wearing the elf hats (with beard) and helping me deliver the donuts to Mrs. Kunz and Mrs. Shannon’s classrooms. By them helping me, it gave me a lot more flexibility in being more creative with my camera. I could focus more on angles for ideas and not to mention they decided to have a bit of fun on their own. Which made it even easier to be creative with the video.

Want to Help?

Like I said I enjoy doing this for the students and the teachers. It seems to get their creative juices flowing (critical thinking). Obviously some get more involved than others but they all enjoy it and my belief is very simple. If you can make learning fun, you can help children learn. That is what we want, for our Fred Wild students to be successful in their academics.

I would like to take some time to ask you for some help. I would really appreciate it if you can subscribe to my personal YouTube channel Mr. Medina and as well to the schools YouTube the FWE news channel.

If you could also leave a comment sharing what you liked about the video, maybe an encouraging word for the students. I am sure they would love it.

I would also like it if you gave me some ideas, on what would you like to see in the videos? Or potential prizes the students might like.

And of course, if you know a local business that would like to partner with me in supporting and motivating our students to succeed. I would truly appreciate it.
Thank You.

fred wild elementary free donuts christams

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