Gaylord Palms Atrium Review

There is so much to say about the Gaylord Palms Atrium. The Gaylord Palms resort has so much but I want to focus on the Atrium. I hope I do it justice in my video as I share with you my experience in the Atrium. The number one plus for me is the temperature-controlled area of the Atrium. There are also live gators, fish and so much more. Watch the video and let us know what you think. Check out more details below.

Gaylord Palms Atrium Review

Whether you’re traveling for work or play, for me it was play (27 years married with my sweetheart). Like me, you will love the convenience of having everything in one place. Start your stay in the soaring glass Gaylord Palms Atrium showcasing the landscape of the Everglades. Walk the cobblestone streets and rich history of St. Augustine, and enjoy the picturesque scenery and vibrant colors of Key West. Enjoy a day with your children at the water park, or like myself, savor time to yourself or as a couple at the adult-only pool.

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Dining in the Gaylord Palms Atrium

There are several places to eat, drink and purchase simple foods like ice cream and more. Let me share some of the places I ate at and enjoyed. I will be upfront, these places while delicious, they are pricey.

“They call me Ajay” – was our server who was helpful and funny. He suggested the She Crab Soup “very rich and filling” he said. He was right; my wife could not finish all her food. I was told that to eat on the boat was fist come first serve basis and if business was slow, they just close early. Therefore, we hurried in to get our seat and some delicious food.

The Moore is located in the Key West atrium; it serves fresh seafood combined with innovative and sustainable dishes. There hours vary and the dress code is: smart casual (whatever that is).

Villa de Flora
It is a classy buffet style place – this is where I had my prime rib (huge piece) for breakfast. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. You sit under traditional wood pergolas and enjoy a Mediterranean feast for all of your senses. According to their website, they earned the Critic’s Choice for Best Brunch awarded by the Orlando Sentinel. They also have Hours that vary, but we had no problems.

gaylord palms atrium orlando best restaurants

This was just an excuse to get a drink (adult drink) for my wife so we can enjoy the adult pool. However, the Sandbar surprised me; it allows you to grab a bite while enjoying the wonderful weather. The service was amazing, they even gave us free sunglasses – they treated us like royalty.

Socio means “close friend,” it is an up-scale, Cuban-inspired bar and lounge, where you can enjoy interactive cocktail service surrounded by old world décor. I wholeheartedly enjoyed the Cuban flatbread quesadilla that my wife and I shared. She also enjoyed a specialty beverage. Service was a bit lacking but we did sit outside and were the only ones there at the time.

The Cocoa Bean
The Coco Bean – is really a Starbucks. Sounds exotic at first but the minute you walk in you run right into their logo. The place is off to the side in a small area surrounded by shops. You can buy the usual drinks and stuff, but I suggest that you do not visit during the late hours. I walked in at 11 pm, were given poor service and they had a mess behind the counter. During the morning rush it was crowded but fair service and clean. Nevertheless, my wife does loves her Starbucks.

Honeybells Frozen Yogurt
This is where we treated ourselves to a refreshing and irresistible frozen yogurt. It’s sort of like my local Sweet Frogs yogurt shop at home with a buffet of wall-to-wall sweets and your favorite toppings. It is not hot in the atrium but it was still nice to sit with my wife and share a cup of yogurt (ice cream) with her (she put mostly all of the topping she likes). Of course, like all of the other places, hours do vary.

Gaylord Palms Atrium Review:

If you want a relaxing play to stay, not have to worry about the heat and you love eating, this is the place for you. The Gaylord Palms Atrium is and has so much to offer. I missed out on a few things like the steak house. I am not sure why but these restaurants have no problem closing early if business is slow.

Gaylord Palms Atrium is by far a go to place, especially if you want to hold an event like a wedding. The atrium with the Castillo is set up to be the perfect wedding spot. Our last night there I saw a group set up the Castillo for a wedding – it looked amazing. The only down side is that while the Castillo is used for the wedding, it is blocked off (no use) for hotel guest. So I was glad the wedding was for the day after we departed.

On our day to check out we spent a few hours walking around as well as enjoyed our last meal at Villa de Flora, if you want to learn more out the dining experiences at the Gaylord Palms Atrium visit their website and make a reservation.

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