How to make free thumbnail for YouTube

Why you need to read my article: How to make free thumbnail for YouTube? If you want to get more views so that you can grow your YouTube channel, you need better thumbnails. YouTube is always changing and suggested videos is one of the best ways to get your videos seen.

The studies are in. Even YouTube in its new creator format gives you hints to this – suggested videos is one of the largest sources for YouTube traffic. Like it or not, the thumbnail says a lot about you and if people will click on your video or not.

Watch the video and read more below on why it is important to have good thumbnails to get more views, more subscribers and grow your YouTube channel.

How to make free thumbnail for YouTube

Three Basic Rules Why Thumbnails are Important.

1. A good thumbnail will make your videos Pop, so you get more views!
2. When making a query on Google or other search engines, thumbnails (images) is what attracts people’s eyes.
3. Because YouTube said so and we want YouTube happy and promoting our videos.

YouTube Creator Academy Says…

Thumbnails and titles are usually the first thing viewers see when browsing on YouTube and an important piece of your video’s metadata. They work together as a team to build anticipation while accurately representing what is in your video. Read More from YouTube’s Creator Academy.

More Views means More Subscribers!

You want to grow and to do that you need more views. More views means more potential subscribers. More views means even more of an opportunity to make money. So why start with the thumbnail and not the quality of the video? Because the easiest thing to change and improve is the thumbnail.

Your skills, quality of content and even your on camera presence will improve over time. Operative word being time. But fixing a bad thumbnail, that can be done quickly, easily and free. No extra charge, no cost to you at all except for some time on your part.

Steps in How to make thumbnail

1. Start with a bright, popping image and idea that is relatable to the video content.
2. Have large fonts that make title easy to read.
3. Of course, the title or message of thumbnail should be catchy, interesting and enticing.
4. Consider having something that is consistent in all your thumbnails.
5. Last is test, test and test to see which works best for you.

Number 4 is important. Consistency is a big plus. Whether it is a logo or the way you format all of your thumbnails – consistency helps the viewer find and easily notice your other videos, which are being suggested to them. If you are the only person in your videos – put your face on the thumbnail. If people like you, they will see your face and potentially click. Also, consider having a similar format or design of layout to your YouTube thumbnails throughout your entire channel.

Have Creative Thumbnails

The professionals will tell you that your thumbnails needs to tell a story. OK, sounds great. However, what does that mean? This is why I like using Canva, it makes creating thumbnails easy, quick and simple. Someone creative came up with a design and I just alter it with my own images and text.

Now this is not to say that it does not take effort and creativity to come up with a good picture and interesting, enticing title. But it does take one step out of my hands. Plus, it also gives me ideas on how to create and set up my own thumbnails.

Successful YouTuber says you need it

I follow Tim Schmoyer on YouTube who has over 100,000 subscribers and teaches you everything from what is happening on YouTube to how to grow your channel and get more views.

If you visit his website this is what he says about the importance of having a good thumbnail.

“There’s an easy opportunity to get more YouTube views simply by dominating the traffic that comes from suggested and related videos on YouTube. Using branded thumbnails can make your videos stand out from all the other videos being suggested around it and will bring more YouTube views and traffic to your videos.” Tim Schmoyer at Video Creators

Get this free eBook – I received my own copy and it is totally free. You will learn so much more and again, it is free: “The Secret to Building your YouTube Audience” from Video Creators

How to make free thumbnail for YouTube

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