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How to review hotel – Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort. This is an awesome Hotel/resort. Cabana Bay, I have to say we had a great room. The resort is an awesome place but man I was green.

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The video above – this was from way back – ten years or so, and my cellphone camera was not that great. As you can tell from the video not that great and my camera skills were even worse.

How to Review Hotel w/ Video

I will go over the five steps needed in “How to Review Hotel” with basic video skills down below. First let me say a few words about the hotel/resort itself so you can understand how bad my video was.

About the hotel: It is a vibrant, retro-style resort with rooms and suites brilliantly designed for fun and affordability. You can relax by the pool with a splash, surrounded by amazing iconic architecture inspired by classic Florida beach resorts of the 1950s and 60s. Enjoy a variety of incredible in the large food court, which showed movies. Every day you can enjoy two massive pools, a winding river, a bowling alley and more. Moreover, you’ll enjoy the exclusive benefits of staying in Universal.

Tip: How not to Review Hotel

We were a bit surprised and excited about Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort and its well-presented themed rooms. Let us be honest, sometimes it does not take that much to surprise us. As you can see in the video above, we were excited about the stay and the room.

It is a bit embarrassing how we all whipped out our cellphones to take pictures. Of course I started to record everything on video; never mind that everyone was in the way. Looking back on it, I could have done so much better. So let me start with the five tips I believe every novice should know in –

How to Review Hotel w/ Video
One: Think about it before you start. You should always have a plan. Whether it is a mental plan or a well written out plan – just have a plan.

I start recording the minute I arrive because I want a lot of video to work with. Be it part of the main video or having B-roll video. I want video clips from the entrance as I walk in, any cool angles of the pool and I always take of our reaction walking down the hall to our room. I am not saying I am going to use it all, but you never know what works best when you are at the editing stage.

Two: Be the first in the room. I know it may be hard if you are with a group. The small kids want to go in first and so forth. However, you need that pristine first look.

You want to get the best look for your video. You do not want a messy room, unmade bed in background or anything that distracts from the hotel room. The same feeling of wow you get when you first walk in. That is the experience and feeling you want to give the people who watch your video.

Three: Highlight the beauty, the benefits or the extravagance of your room. Give them the wow factor.

No one wants to see the toilet or the closet – we want to see the wow factor. Show off the room as you enter. Give a scan of the room and how it looks so amazing. If the balcony and the view is the main attraction of the hotel/resort room – show it off! Do it in the beginning of the video and gradually move to the not so wow factors.

As a side note: As you talk, sound knowledgeable, as if you know a little about the hotel. Do some research before you go or do voice over later on. It is also very important to speak clearly and to be animated. By this, I mean excited, happy, so that you can pass that feeling on to the viewers.

Four: Think in terms of editing. Do not record everything in one shot.
Think of recording video clips, like if you were editing. I am not saying you should only take small clips of video. I am saying consider taking 2 – 3 minute clips or 5 minute clips. Consider changing angles, looking for the best light to record in. Take video clips of moving shot or slow Mo video clips. This will give you a lot to work with when you get to the editing side of creating your video.

Five: Editing video to please the people and not you. It is about the audience, not you.

I know that sometimes people do not think about editing. Just look at my video above. It was taken on a poor camera, poor lighting and all in one shot. I did not even consider waiting for people to get out of the way of my recording.

If you want people to watch your video, to like it and to share it. Make the video for them.

Editing is important. If you do not have editing software there are several free available online and for your cellphone (yes, free usually means that it does not have all the features). Or you can purchase what I use: Camtasia ( I use it for all my videos) or Adobe Premiere Pro from Amazon or directly from the company.

How to Review Hotel

Know I know what you are thinking: What about doing what Big YouTube so and so does with drone and all the…

Let us just take it a few steps at a time. I would love to have drone shots like some of the youtubers I follow. First, I am working on the more important skills. What good does it do me if I do not know how to make good videos!

I need to learn how to tell interesting stories.
Have to know how to good or amazing shots on video.
Definitely need to learn as much as I can on editing my videos.

Not to mention creating good thumbnails, titles and descriptions. There is a lot we need to learn before we worry about trying to do what professionals are doing on their youtube videos.

Check out a few of my new videos, how I have improved over time. I am not the best, but I am learning and growing.
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