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The question many ask when making videos. How do I make better videos? Followed by how to come up with new video ideas. So I thought I would share with you a simple way to create and make better videos as well as where to get the ideas from.

Let me start by showing you a video we created and feel free to like it, comment on it and share it. Because we all need each other for support.

Wardrobe Malfunction Target

Make Better Videos

One of things you will notice about youtubers is the entertainers, the ones who create videos to entertain you the viewer. Youtubers create videos like the one above. They visit Walmart, Target and other local places where they can be creative. They act like children (for those of you who are children – hint) and they have fun in the store.

Consider all of the things you can play with, talk about and show off without having to purchase a single item. It is like being a kid in a candy store. Except for the fact that you may not be a kid and it’s not a candy store. You get what I mean.

Target Lady – what?

Ever notice the videos about the people who walk into Walmart dressed … let us just say – oddly dressed. Or have you seen one of your favorite youtubers take a trip to the store? I am not talking about being kicked out of the store, but just showing off their talent, being entertaining as they look at everything.

If you want to create better videos or come up with creative video ideas consider the following as a way of making videos you may even enjoy doing.

Better Videos & Video Ideas

The next time you plan to visit a store like Target, Walmart or any major large box store. Remember to take your camera or have your cellphone fully charged. Why? The answer is simple, because its an opportunity to create interesting, funny or informative videos for your channel.

For instance, you can:
1. Talk about the interesting decorations that you find. Be it seasonal decorations like Halloween or Christmas.
2. Talk about any cloths you like and you can go as far as try on.
3. Talk about any electronics or new gadget that you would like to get.
4. If you are playful – have a little fun in the store. Make jokes, bother your partner (mom, sibling, friend) while you stroll around the isles.

The opportunities are endless, there is nothing; you cannot talk about or interact with in the store. This means that like my son and daughter you can try on some strange costume. Or you can do like my son did and scare his mom with a piece of meat. You can also do like myself where I stood with my daughter trying out all of the speakers and headsets that were in the electronic section of Walmart.

Plan – to make better videos

Of course, you have to remember that there must be a plan. If you want to create good, make better videos – you need a plan. You simply can’t just show up at the store and record yourself running around. That does not make good videos.

What you want to do is to take a moment to think about what you want to do and what you can do. Think about what people may want to watch, see and does well on youtube. If you know you are going to Target, do a little bit of research before you go.

Ask yourself:

Are there any new electronics people are talking about?
Is there a new game console or video game?
If my channel is about makeup, what kinds of makeup does target sell and which do I like or have tried before?

Better videos if better prepared
The more you plan out the video, the better the video will be and the more creative you can be. Not to mention it will also help with tags, keywords and all of the other technical stuff you need to rank better in google search and youtube search.

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