Make Simple Video Amazing – video ideas for YouTube channel for beginners!

How to make better videos on YouTube. I watch a lot of these kinds of videos and I read more articles on this subject than I really should. The problem I find is that no one really gives you any real youtube video ideas. Or I should say, give you actual youtube video ideas that are ideas. A lot of it is simply advice and generalized ideas.

Video ideas for YouTube channel for beginners

What most people are looking for when they search for “video ideas for YouTube channel for beginners” – are actual ideas. They are not looking for a simple or generalized idea. Granted what they offer can help, it can spark an idea or a concept. But what people want is a step by step process.

So what if I give you one? I mean a real tip, a step by step video idea. Would you take it?

Let’s start with breaking down a simple but necessary fact. Not everyone can create a crazy outlandish video. I don’t know about you but I can’t just fly out to Egypt or California to shot fancy amazing videos. I just can’t. I am assuming that as a beginner – neither can you.

Make Simple Amazing Videos

Since we can’t all fly around the world or afford drones and fancy cars. Why don’t we just start with making simple things into amazing things? It’s how YouTube got started. People were just making interesting videos about everyday things.

First step is to take something you plan to do and figure out a way to make it just a bit more interesting. If you can, make it sensational. Of course that all depends on your talent, skills and equipment. That is not to say that you need to go out and purchase expensive equipment. You can start with just your cell phone, editing software and a creative mind.

YouTube video ideas for beginners

I created an interesting video just using my cellphone, my editing software and a not so creative idea. To my surprise it was a hit with the students at the school I work at. Of course I am not saying it went viral or anything. I am simply saying it was a hit with my target audience (the students at school) and it helped me receive a few extra subscribers.

So let me show you the video, it’s only 2.15 minutes long so you can watch it and then I will break it down for you so that you can create better videos.

Video ideas for Beginners

If you watched the video above you will obviously notice that it is a simple idea, taking donuts to an elementary 5th grade class. Nothing too grand, right? So what did I mean by saying take something simple and make it amazing.

1. Simple Idea and make it MORE: People are always wondering what to do next. How to come up with the next great idea for a video and what they fail to see as beginners is that what you really need is a simple idea.

In my case the 5th grade class had already won the donuts as a prize and I was going to deliver it to them anyway. So I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone and make a video about it. I was going to do it anyway. I could certainly get the kids interested in seeing whatever video I produce – who wouldn’t want to see a video they themselves are in. The only thing I needed to do was to figure out a way to make it interesting – as in an interesting video.

The Key Factor

The key factor here is that if you are doing something, why not consider making a video about it.

I remember having a 5th grader ask me if I would give her tips on making better videos. Her biggest problem, you guessed it, was coming up with new ideas. After working with her for a couple of days I learned that her family has annual passes to Sea World.

So I asked her: How come you don’t make videos about your visits to Sea World.

Her response was: Oh everyone does that.

While that may be true, not everyone is you. People watch videos for several reasons, one of the biggest reasons they watch and subscribe is because they like or love the youtuber. Say what you will but if you find an interesting way to tell a story and you have a likable personality. People will watch your videos even if it’s about something others have talked about. It is all about you, your personality and how you present your video.

The Visual Factor

2. Presentation is IMPORTANT: Video is a visual medium, basically that means one of the main keys to creating a good video is presentation. I am not saying that story telling is not important, it is. I am simply saying that the reason people watch videos is because “you see” it.

Now many will say you need HD video or 4K and soon it will be 5k resolution videos or whatever. My point is that you can only work with what you have. Most high end cell phones have amazing cameras so that will do. I shot the video above with my cellphone.

What I mean by presentation is this; think of your video like as if it were a movie. When you go to the movie theater you have a movie that not only tells you a story but it has a lot of editing involved. You have scenes that are close up, cut away, action scenes, scenes or cuts meant for dramatic effect. That is what I mean by presentation.

But youtubers don’t make movies?

I know, youtubers don’t make movies. Most youtubers sit in front of the camera and talk to you or play video games. Why am I telling you to make a movie? I am not. I am telling you to take something simple and make it amazing, interesting. Something that will keep people’s attention. After all, people have short attention spans and you need watch time.

If you noticed in the video, I have different angles. I keep the camera away from my face. You see me walk out the door and then it cuts to my feet and you watch me walk as the music plays in the background. You watch as I walk across campus and talk to other people. When I get to the class room I zoom in on a student, we make jokes and cut to a still picture and then I have a funny scene in the end. Did I drop the donuts and pick them up off the floor? Did the students get dirty donuts? Even though I eventually say it was a joke – can the students be certain?

You Did What?

I had a student ask me several days later: You really didn’t drop the donuts did you? It was so much fun watching him wonder if I did or did not. This brings me to my third point.

3. Offer Something Unique: In the case of the donuts I had them wondering if I dropped them or not. In other videos I present a joke, an idea or something interesting that will make them think. What makes your video interesting even when you are talking about something as simple as donuts is: how unique you can make it.

There are hundreds of videos online about “Free Donuts” but I wasn’t making this video hoping to copy what someone else did. I wanted to make this video interesting for the students at my school. I guess you can say that like most youtubers say: make your video for your audience.

Niche – target audience

I guess the reason my video was received well by my audience is because it was made for them to enjoy and with them in mind. This is what most call having a niche. Niche simply means that you target a specific topic or subject and you focus all your videos on that. You find different ways to talk about and present the same idea, thought or concept. So if I am trying to reach people who love donuts. I make videos about donuts and find several different ways to talk and present videos on donuts. Why? Because that is the audience I am trying to reach.

Your probably wondering: How do you do that?

To be honest it is not that hard. Yet, it is in some ways. For instance I have three videos that deal with me giving away free donuts to the winning class that participated in our morning riddle. In all three videos I find a way to present the donuts in a fresh new way.

Don’t believe me check them out:
Video #2 Donuts running fred wild – is it national donut day
Video #3 Merry Christmas Fred Wild Donuts Winners
Video above Fred Wild Elementary Funny Donuts contest Bohan class winners

As you can see, coming up with “video ideas for YouTube channel for beginners” is a simple basic idea you can start today. All you need to do is to take something you may already have to do, or are doing and make a video about it. The important thing to remember is, you need to make it interesting and entertaining for the viewer.

But what about the youtubers that make amazing videos. Shouldn’t I be doing what they do? No. If you are a beginner, you need to build up your skills and techniques. If you are more than a beginner, then you need to create your videos and not copy someone else’s. You want people to subscribe to you, to watch your videos and be your loyal fan. Because if they love you, they will always come back for more.

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