Principal Arrested at Fred Wild – News: How to make better videos

Principal Arrested at Fred Wild – News: How to make good videos
Imagine arriving at school only to see the school principal arrested by the police. I mean, full on police chase across the campus, the cafeteria, and of course – the walk of shame. The principal arrested in handcuffs and escorted away for all to see.

It must had been a funny… I mean a terrifying shock to all of the students at the Fred Wild Elementary. Check out more of Mr Medina Videos.

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Principal Arrested?

Of course, this was all done as a fundraiser for the school. Not that some parents did not take it seriously and others wished it were true. You have to wonder about some people.

How to Make Better Videos

Over all the Principal Arrested at Fred Wild news was all about a pre-planned fundraiser of which the students choose. Yes, for some reason the elementary students wanted Mrs. Green to be arrested and carted away.
This is how you make good videos. You can check for yourself if you don’t believe me but this videos has received more than 60,000 views since it was publish in 2015. And lets face it, it is not my best work. It is good but it is not the best video out there.

So how do you make good videos?
In short, you need three things to begin with. This is not a in depth tutorial but it will be the the most important things you need to start with. I admit that music, amazing editing, a drone flying overhead – we love that stuff. However, this video didn’t have that and you may not be able to provide that. So let us stay with the important basics that you can provide.

Plan of Principals Arrest

Number One: You need a plan, an idea or a story. Call it what you will but that is what you need.

Without a plan, a story – you have nothing. You need an idea. The better the idea, the better the interesting idea you have. The better video you will make.

Having a story, an idea will help you in deciding what you want to video shoot; what angles you need and any props or tools needed for the video. Not to mention it helps in the editing later on because you already know what you are looking for. Some videos are just too hard to retake – I am not a studio or movie production so there are no retakes for me.

Give them what they want

Number Two: Make it about something interesting, exciting or that people may want to watch or learn.

You should always give them what they want – meaning the viewer. People are searching on youtube and google, so as a rule you should consider their wants. If your idea, your video is about what people are searching for, as in want or desire. Your chances of people finding your video goes up.

My principal arrested fundraiser video was originally made for those at the school, parents and the students. Since it hit a cord, what people are searching for online and on youtube, it continues to get views even though it was uploaded in 2015.

Out of the three points, this is the most important but it doesn’t work if you have a poor plan, story or poor video.

Make Better Videos

Number Three: Make better video, a good video – the best video you can. Then uploaded it…

One of the things all creators suffer with is – self-criticism. We don’t like people criticizing our work and we are our worst critics. So the goal is to make the best video you can make and move on to taking the next step.

I am not saying to create poor videos. What I am saying is – make better videos. Make the best video you can with the skills you have, the tools you possess and the talent you are capable of ( I mean be you). Because if you don’t – you will never post any videos because your trying to be like someone else who has better tools, more subscribers and way more talent and time.

Better videos and more

Your skills need to grow. So work with what you have and consider that there are also other things you need to master – like how to create a good thumbnail. How to create catchy titles and description’s for you videos.
Time is actually your friend. As you create more videos, your talents and skills will grow. As you seek to learn more, you will do more and put into practice what you have learned into your videos and youtube channel.

Overtime you will come up with your own style, cheat tips and method.
It all starts with coming up with a creative video idea, story and plan. You then record the clips you need making the video idea better by making it interesting, exciting and something viewers will like to watch. That is how you make better videos. The last step is uploading it, creating an interesting title based on the videos idea and story. As well as a good description with good tags.

The more you do, repeating this and learning as you go. The better you will become at making videos. But don’t get a head of yourself, there is still a lot more to learn, like how to promote a video. But for now just start with the basic of how to make better videos.

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