Snorkel Mask | Cave diving at Devils Den – because she hates…

Going cave diving or like me – are you going to Devils Den? Then you need some snorkeling equipment, but I can’t rent a snorkel mask because my wife will not have it. To learn more watch the video. My wife is too much.

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Cave diving at Devils Den

I really shouldn’t call it cave diving, it’s more like swimming in a sink hole that is filled with water and has some parts that go about fifty feet deep. Sounds dangerous – so let’s go swimming.

Devils Den is an out of the way attraction that has a lot of history behind it. In essence, it is a giant sinkhole with water that is tied to the Florida aquifer and it is used for snorkeling and scuba diving. But this is not about my planned trip to Devils Den.

Buy Snorkel Mask – Because?

This is all about the fact that I have to buy a snorkel Mask because my wife hates the idea of people spitting in the snorkel mask. That is correct, the tip or trick to control fogging up the snorkel mask is to spit in the mask. So when I told her that we would need to rent equipment and that the trick is “spitting in the mask”. She freaked out.

“I am not using a mask other people spit in. That is unsanitary – No! I am not doing that.” She said in her angry you can’t make me voice.

I tried to explain that you rinse off the mask but that was not good enough for her. She was not going if she had to wear a snorkel mask she knew someone else had spit in it. Therefore, I decided to buy her one of her own and to avoid the spit issue. I purchased one that is supposed to be fog proof. There you go, no spitting by anyone.

RASSE Full Face Snorkel Mask

I hope to have the second part of this video and blog post, where I either test the mask out in a pool or at Devils Dens. Some people say pool chemicals can cause snorkeling equipment to deteriorate much faster than normal. So now I am concern about using it in the pool.

However, I do need to practice since I am relatively new at this and I really do not want to drown or have any kind of mishap while swimming at devils Den. It is a large hole full of water and I enjoy being very much alive.

If you are looking for a full-face snorkel mask consider these Snorkel Mask and read up on the reviews. I am sure you will find something you like. You may also want to purchase fins, diving socks and other items. And yes – the links provided are affiliate links and if you purchase something I will get a small compensation.

Here is a question for you. Would you have a problem wearing a snorkel mask knowing someone may have spit in it? Would you simply rinse it off and move on? Leave a comment down below and thank you for visiting my blog.

Full Review of RASSE Snorkel Mask in use: RASSE Snorkeling in Swimming Pool or click image below.

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