Teacher crazy last day of school – she did what!

Teacher crazy last day of school – she did what! Here is a good example about a good video idea for you to consider. It’s the last day of school and teachers are looking forward to summer break. You would be surprised what they would do.

Teacher crazy last day of school

You can argue that this was not a great video because it did not go viral. However, in truth (as of the date I posted it) the video reached more than 290 views. That is huge for a video I threw together in less than 20 minutes at the whim of a teachers request.

They wanted to make something funny, silly and interesting for the last day of school – that being, the last day of teachers at school. So I being the on campus expert was called to work my magic. A few moments of letting the teachers come up with crazy ideas and me recording, then editing the video and presto! I have a video that still gets views today. Visit my YouTube Channel Mr. Medina.

Crazy Teacher Memes

With the permission of the teachers, I asked if I could share it – very important to get peoples permission to use them in your videos. Sure, you can record in public with no permission. However, there is always a but. It is better to get permission on camera and even better, on paper (a release form). This is something we will talk about later on in our blog but for now, you need to know you need permission.

I set up all the video clips in a way that would be funny. I thought about how memes are funny, and people are always looking for teacher memes and last day of school memes. I especially worked in the more outrageous parts toward the beginning of the video because this helps retain (keep) viewers watching. Watch time is important to YouTube so it is important to me. it should be important to you.

Helpful Tips

What I want to do here is remind you of a few helpful tips.
1. The idea can be simple and does not have to be crazy hard to record.
2. The idea behind the video should be pre-planned – thought out beforehand.
3. Think of title, description and key words beforehand.
In the case of this video, I knew what we were going for and I knew right away, it was going to be about teachers going wild.
4. Edit the video as best you can with the viewers enjoyment in mind.
Put something interesting, crazy, and amazing in the beginning of the video to get the viewers’ attention. (* That is if you can and do edit your videos.)
5. Do not expect it to blow up overnight.
People give up, young people in particular, because they want to hit a home run right out of the gate. Give it time and worry more about getting better as a video creator.

Important Tip

Here is something I want to start talking about that others do not. It can be that you make the best video ever made – but no one watches it. Why is that?

One of the things you have to remember is that you have to promote and market your videos. The first thing I did with this video was to send the url link to all the teachers involved and to all the teachers at the school. Then I post it on Facebook. Waited a day and sent out a tweet. Then waited two days and I put it on my blog (my website).

So what am I saying? The only reason people knew this Teacher crazy last day of school video existed was because I told people. You have to do more than just create. You also have to promote. Yes, you are new to this, you are just learning how to create videos and now you have to learn how to promote. Yes, you do.

This teacher crazy last day of school video was only made because teachers put themselves out there. They had fun, were not afraid to be funny, outrageous and ridiculous. If you want people to watch your video. If you want people to subscribe to your channel. You are going to have to be just as crazy as these teachers and do something like tell people to watch your video.

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