Teacher Last Day of School Dance – make better YouTube Videos Ideas

Teacher Last Day of School Dance – last day for teacher! Some crazy funny last day of school meme, comedy and humor.

We have some wild teachers who like to have fun. We love our students and teachers want their students to be happy, to go enjoy their summer. Just like students, teachers also want to have fun. So yeah, we had to have a teacher last day of school dance party, as well as a wild send off.

So what does a wild teacher dance party have to do with making better videos? Well, it’s all about coming up with video ideas.

Teacher Last Day of School Dance

Every year teachers wait with baited breath for summer to arrive. Just like students, they cannot wait for summer break to come around. Many of these teachers have a lot of pent-up frustration ( I mean energy) that they want to release. Therefore, when the end of the school year comes near – they let their hair down and let loose.

This allows us as video creators, as youtubers, the opportunity to create some fantastic videos. All you really need is some willing teachers, of which there are plenty. With an interesting outrageous idea of how to celebrate the end of school year.

Make Better Video Ideas

Coming up with a great video idea is not that hard. All you have to do is go to YouTube and look up (search for) last day of school for teachers or a similar search phrase. YouTube will fill the search page with hundreds of ideas for you to copy – I mean, be inspired by.

You will find teachers dancing on tables, singing to songs and even some well-choreographed dance routines. Some of these teachers really go all out.

All you have to do is come up with something similar. It is what I did with my merry band of teachers, who wanted to create a fun video for their last day of school farewell meeting. We have a video where teachers created a parody of a Lady Gaga song. Another video is about a school district contest of what school can come up with the best lip-sink video.

YouTube Videos Ideas

The best way to create, find and think up – the best youtube video ideas is by finding things that work. As well as creating videos that deal with what you know:
1. People are searching for (they look for these kinds of videos).
2. People need in order to come up with their own ideas (teachers do this a lot, they go online see something they like and they create their own version).
3. That can also be seasonal (last day of school for teachers is something that happens every year, so you know people will be looking for just those kinds of videos).

Quality beats SEO YouTube video ideas

When creating videos there is something you should always remember. The quality of your video will always be more important than keywords, tags, title and all other forms of seo. This is not to say that title, thumbnail and seo is not important it is. But if your video is of poor quality, people will not share it and even worst. They will “bounce” early (meaning leave the video).

YouTube’s main goal is to get more watch time; they want people staying longer and longer on YouTube. If your five minute video only gets an average of 1-minute watch time. YouTube will not promote it and it will not show up in the suggested area of the platform. This means that your video dies.

Video Idea and Quality = Best Results

I am not saying that you need the best equipment, lighting and gear you can find. What I am saying is that you need to make the best story, look, creative idea with the equipment that you have. A good smart phone, free editing and some skill – you can create something people will like and will want to share with others.

In the end, a simple Teacher Last Day of School Dance video can get you many views, subscribers and potentially – so much more.

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