The Wharf at Jekyll Island Club Resort

As I mentioned in my other post, to me the dining experience is just as important as the vacation destination. Maybe it is the Hispanic in me – but food is integral to my entire vacation.

Located a short five minute walk from the main building is this amazing restaurant, The Wharf.

The Wharf is mainly a seafood restaurant but it offers a few other options, for those like me and my son. We are both allergic to certain seafood’s – him more so than me.

If you are looking for a restaurant that sits on a pier overlooking a river, offers delicious entrees, served with not just healthy delicacies but large portions as well. This is the place for you.

We have eaten at The Wharf twice. The first day we arrived at Jekyll Island Club Resort and the last night we were there. The service was excellent; they went above and beyond my expectations. I sometimes get a bit picky when I walk into a restaurant and the server forgets all about us. At The Wharf they make sure your drink never goes empty, your order is correct and is served in a timely manner.

During our last day, our server treated us so well that I felt guilty to say anything when my key lime pie never arrived. She walked up to our table, smiled and asked, “Did they not bring out your key lime pie?” Before I even finished saying no, she apologized as she turned and was off to get this issue resolved. Before I knew it the manager himself brought my key lime pie to my table.

I’m Such a Tourist

I’m embarrassed to say that the food was so great, looked so amazing that like a tourist I took pictures of my food and my gracious server offered to take our picture. I even secretly recorded our food and the restaurant.

The restaurant had live music in the open dock area and continued in my touristic fashion, I walked around recording everything I could. In my opinion, if you are ever in Georgia and want to stop by Jekyll Island, you have to stop at The Wharf to enjoy exquisite food and excellent service. But that is just my personal recommendation.

All About Preservation

If you love the environment, want to save the planet and want to support businesses, like The Wharf, that are concerned about preservation. You will love it here at Jekyll Island.

Jekyll Island is all about preservation. They have the sea turtle hospital, which by the way helps more than just sea turtles. The entire resort is a natural habitat and a nature preserve.

One of the things I appreciate but also am a bit frustrated by was the constant use of paper straws. My first encounter with the paper straw was at The Wharf. As a preserve I appreciate the use of paper straws – save the environment, reduce plastic waste and protect sea life. I am all for that.

However, I hate drinking straight out of a glass, so I appreciate the use of a straw. Except for the fact that the straws are made of paper and tend to soften or get mushy over time. Making it difficult to drink certain drinks like milkshakes or several types of “adult” fruity thick drinks.

I am not complaining, I am simply making an observation. I am all for saving the planet, protecting the environment and saving the world for future generations. I just don’t like when my straw gets soft and mushy making it difficult to sip my drink. So you may want to consider purchasing one of those reusable metal or such straws to carry with you. I am just saying.

370 Riverview Dr
Jekyll Island, GA 31527
(912) 635-3612

Daily: 11:30am – 4:30pm
Daily: 5:00pm – 10:00pm
Bar Service:
Sunday – Thursday: 5:00pm to 11:00pm
Friday – Saturday: 5:00pm to 12:00pm

On I-95 take Exit 29 onto Highway 17/82 north for 6 miles to the Jekyll Island Causeway (State Road 520). Proceed on the Causeway east 5 miles to the Jekyll Island toll plaza ($6 park entry fee). Continue over the Jekyll bridge and make the first left (U-turn). This is Riverview Drive and takes you directly to the front of the restaurant. There is parking before the restaurant on the left.

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