Unsupervised Tour of The Boathouse at Disney Springs Orlando Florida

We spent 2 hours walking around The BOATHOUSE, for a second there I thought we were going to be kicked out or scolded because I just decided to leave my elegant table with my niece and started walking around with my cell taking video of everything in the restaurant.

This is my tour of the restaurant, the food that we tried, boats in the back, Amphicars and the shop – the boathouse is a high end place.

The Boathouse at Disney Springs Orlando Florida

It has restaurant seats that are beautifully arranged in door and there is also a fireplace.
They also have outside seating and a outside bar with a view of the water and Amphicars watercraft pass by.

Some boats are in service, many are simply for display only, of which I enjoyed showing to my niece. There are three to four Amphicars at the boathouse restaurant that are in rotation (of what I saw that day).

These Amphicars are available for guests to ride that is if you purchase tickets. I was tempted to go on a ride, But wasn’t sure of the price tag. The guy at the gate was busy and he just quickly said $125 dollars. But I wasn’t sure if it was $125 per person (that would have been too pricey).

Eventually I asked one of the people in the shop (they call it the boatique) where the tickets are purchased and he told me that it was $125 for three people. What I forgot to ask was, does that mean it is $25 per person and can one person ride alone.

All in all I enjoyed the service at the boathouse, my server was courteous, patient with the children and me. Sometimes she was there even before I even needed her. I love service like that, there is nothing like it.

The food was great, even though I and my son had the amazing hamburgers because we are allergic to most sea food. The others had amazing dishes I can even pronounce. You can check out the menu here. https://www.theboathouseorlando.com/menu/

The atmosphere and the music was relaxing. As you can tell by the video I loved the scenery and all of the decor, especially the boats. I think they sometimes have live music at the Boathouse which personally I normally enjoy, especially at night.

The menu ranges from Boathouse barbecue bacon burger to the more lavished Filet mignon oscar style which is basically jumbo lump crab with a price to match it’s fancy name. Like I said, I and my son had the hamburger and it was delicious.

If I had to give a review – which I am.

The Boathouse Restaurant Review:

I would give The Boathouse restaurant at Disney Springs a five star rating. Really, I am being honest. Yes! It is pricey, but elegant, great service and the food was (in my opinion not a food guru) it was amazing (at least what I ate and the day I was there).

In fact I may (I think I will) just go back again. Me and the misses, can go for a nice meal and maybe take that boat ride I wanted. I should go in the evening, take the Amphicars ride and then have dinner possibly near the fireplace when it gets dark.

Update: Oops, it seems I was right, $125 dollars is the price. According to their website – Guests can experience the thrill of a Captain’s guided tour aboard a rare Amphicar that drives on land and floats in the water!

Trivia Bonus: It seems Amphicars were made in 1960’s and only 3,878 of these vehicles were made.

If you want to learn more about The Boathouse and especially the Amphicars check out their video here: or go to their website.

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