Video ideas: Tips for teachers first day of school for students and beginners

Videos are the best way to communicate ideas to others. Be it adults, children or staff. So I just wanted to share a few tips for teachers first day of school, because let’s face it. The first day, more like the first two weeks of school sets the tone for the rest of the year.

I also wanted to share these video ideas because it’s a great way for anyone who is looking for a video idea to be inspired. I am not saying copy these videos, I am saying take the ideas and make it better, create better videos or make it your own.

Video ideas for teacher’s students and beginners

If you are looking for a youtube video idea, consider this: you can take any event and make it into something spectacular. Children and most people love to be the center of attention. It has to do with the need to feel important, wanted, and special. To feel as if you are a part of something bigger.

Turn a prize or an incentive into a lasting memory. I took a prize – win donuts for answering school news riddle, and I turned it into a lasting memory. Something the kids, their parents, can go back and watch repeatedly.

You can also turn a school event and blow it up into a rock star moment. We had a Christmas special we run every year. Mr. Havery performs his spectacular Christmas concert for the students. This year we took the show outside and I created this fun, amazing video of the event.

Any moment can be turned into an event that the students will love. It is happening any way – why not just be ready to grab the camera and shoot some video? Below we have a moment captured on video that the students love! The year is ending and somehow a t-Rex just happened to come on campus.

Tips for teachers first day of school

Think about the students you have. Are they shy, introvert or do they like to be in the spot light. You will have a mixture of shy and outgoing students. However, sometimes I find the shy – usually break out of their shell eventually.

Consider making them (students) the star of their own show. Motivation comes in many forms. A kind word, a gesture can motivate a student (child) to excel, to be a greater part of the community (class and school). Sometimes wanting to be on Youtube (video) is even a greater motivator.

1. Find what works with your students.
Children want to be acknowledge. Awesome job Timmy! Good or difficult student – they all want the same. So what would work for your class or group?

Your class may want to be on the morning news at school. They may want to participate in funny jokes you can share on the schools Facebook page. Alternatively, they just may respond to candy and ice cream. I don’t know. You have to figure that out.

2. Figure out what would make them excited.
During the 2018-19 school year, I introduced riddles into our school morning news. My intention was to see if I could motivate students just to watch (as in pay attention) to the news. Thinking no one would be interested I offered a prize – participating class’s may win donuts.

The students went wild. Some classes, as teachers tell me, wait in anticipation to read the riddle and work very hard to try to answer the riddle. In fact, they are disappointed and get upset if I am unable to produce the news because they want their riddle.

The year before (2017-2018) students ran the school news and many were disappointed when things were changed and they were unable to be in front of the camera. My point is this; find what works for your class or school and use that to motivate the students. Make it fun, yes school is about learning. Nevertheless, if learning is fun – the majority of students will want to learn.

3. Use it to your benefit – use videos.
Creating videos, editing, rules and laws can make it a very difficult undertaking. However if you can make it work for your class or school. I believe it will be of great benefit to you as a teacher as well as to the students.

I understand this may be asking too much. Overworked teachers are asked to do more. Where do you find the time? How do you schedule it in with your already busy full schedule? The answer to that is – I don’t know.

What I can say is this. I watch this college professor create the most interesting interactive youtube videos for his college students. What he has created makes learning fun for the students and creates an opportunity for him. These videos take time, work and effort. They also have opened a door for him to be a Youtube star. Imagine that.

Tip for teachers

Your goal may be to build young minds, to teach the next generation. It is a noble cause and worthy endeavor. I applaud you and yes you should be paid more – better compensated. However, consider this if you will. You are teaching your students, the effort they put in will pay off in the long run.

Maybe you like many other teachers, professors and educators, can put a little bit of extra effort that will benefit your students as well as you. Do not believe me? Have you heard of the teacher who earned one million dollars creating lessons plans she also sold to other teachers. I am just saying.

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