Warning Enter at Own Risk – Devils Den Florida Camping / not State Park

Devils Den Florida Camping in Williston Warning Enter at Own Risk. Yeah, that is exactly what I wanted to hear. NOT!

Devil’s Den is great; it is an amazing place. You have a camping area, a cabin (if you want to camp in style) or you can bring your RV. Me I went with the Cabin, I have not been camping in Florida for some time – especially tent camping.

I personally loved the Devil’s Den campsite, facilities and more. What had me worried was all the “Warning Signs” that kept telling me that if I continued, I would “enter at my own risk”. It is bad enough I have to worry about snakes, bears, wild boars and all of that. But why would I willingly want to walk a trail that tells me “Danger” but go right on in if you dare?

If you want a relatively inexpensive vacation for the family – camping is the way to go. It is the best way to go!

Florida Camping

I have been camping for a few years now, not so much the last few, but I have been to Kelly Park, a few state parks up near St. Augustine, Fl. and a few other places. It is what we did because the kids were small, money was tight and camping gave us the most for our buck.

The kids jumped in the river or ocean. They rode their bikes, walked wooded trials and had fun at the campfire. There was a lot to do and at times, they did nothing but fight with each other. In the end, we always came home closer as a family. I think camping is the greatest thing in the world.

Of course, that is if we have showers, private bathrooms and food – never forget food.

Warning Enter at Own Risk

My biggest fear while camping has always been between losing a child in the woods or getting eaten by a bear. Snakes, skunks and raccoons are bad enough but nothing beats an angry bear.

The odd thing about Devil’s Den is that it has several interesting trails and each one has a bright yellow sign that reads, “Enter at Your Own Risk”. Each trial we found had this sign posted on a tree. It was like some weird omen. Not that it stopped us from walking a few of them but it really did have my neck hairs up. I was not sure if a tree limb would fall on me. If a bear was coming around the corner or if I would slide down into a swampy marsh.

The trials obviously were not maintained, some were even closed off at a certain points. It would be tide off or even have a fence to keep people out.

The Cabin was Fun!

It has been a while since we have been camping and most of our tents I believe are way past their life expectancy. Nevertheless, my wife is not loner up for the tent camping. I think the same goes for the kids. Me I would still do it, but I am appreciative of the fact that I do not have to carry, set-up and tear down all of the camping equipment.

So while tent camping is fun and cheaper, pay once and never again. I do admit that having the cabin was fun. Nothing like camping and still having a few luxuries of home. We had a small but nice kitchen with a mini-fridge, microwave and sink. Plus who does not want to have a full bath all to themselves – yeah, no strange people talking showers and pooping while I try to get dressed.

Let’s not forget the AC, the nice bed and while the kids were up in the loft, I watched TV on a 42-inch screen. It is like having the best of both worlds.

Should You Camp at Devil’s Den?

The big question really is. Should you camp at Devil’s Den? To be honest, the answer would be – it depends. Devil’s Den is not really a state park. It is not really a campsite. Yes, it has a few camping spots as well as the RV spots and the Cabins (only 4) are great. However, if you are talking about tent camping. You had better be the type that likes the bare minimum camping.

The bathroom, according to the website is a port-a-potty. There is a bathroom with showers by the pool but I am not sure it is open after five, because that is when the pool closes. Did I mention that the bathroom and pool is a good ways off from where you pitch your tent? That means a lot of walking, so don’t Uhm.. wait too long to go or you might have an accident on the way there.

The Big Plus…

The real and only reason I went to Devil’s Den was for the 50 feet deep sinkhole that is filled by the natural spring. The camping, the cabin, that was only because I wanted to make sure I would be able to get into the Den. The website warns all visitors that you could have a long wait.

Do not get me wrong, I enjoyed my stay at Devil’s Den. There were several people tent camping and the cabins were full while I was there. It truly is a lovely place. But it has its draw backs. After the den and the camp closes, there is not much to do other than walk those “Enter at Your Own Risk” trials, and maybe roast marshmallows by the camp fire.

For me, the family time, the cabin and especially the Devil’s Den was the best part of the whole camping trip. That plus the several trips to McDonalds for a cup of coffee.

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