Waterpark Resort Orlando – Flamingo Hotel

Hotel made my wife cry. DO NOT go to the Flamingo Water Park Resort Orlando hotel. Don’t believe me, just check out my hotel review. I tried to be nice, I did not want to give it such a bad review but – you just have to watch the video to understand.

Flamingo Water Park resort Orlando Hotel review

Flamingo Water Park Resort Orlando

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Like I said in the video, I really didn’t want to give this hotel that bad of a review, but there was just too much going wrong in the place.
Now you might ask; why did you stay? Why not just go to another hotel. If it was that bad from the get go. To be honest, I also wanted to give the hotel a chance. Not to mention that I wanted to give it an honest, true and real review.

I’ve seen a few hotel reviews that look like the person giving the hotel review was not actually staying in the hotel. They walk around the hotel site, talk about the amenities and give you glimpses of the hotel. Is that a real review of a hotel?

I wanted to see the room, stay the night. I wanted to experience the service – in this case, the lack of service. I wanted to actually stay at the place. Maybe it was just me, but this was the best way to give an honest hotel review.

Bad Hotel Review

I said it all in the video. The Flamingo Water Resort Orlando hotel just had way too many negatives.
The hotel need lots of maintenance. From the poorly kept entrance and the weird alley, you drive up to reach the entrance. The service was terrible at the front desk and non-existent everywhere else in the hotel. Not to mention the fact that I spoke with the cabana girl and she told me she was the only one working there.

Take into account the light that didn’t work, the missing iron, the room looked nothing like the website pictures. The TV had few channel options and most had static except for one or two. The bathroom door had issues and the hotel room door would not close properly.

Did I mention that the electronic key card would not work 100 percent of the time. Not just mine, but also my father-in-laws key card did not work. He had to get a new key card to be able to get into his room.

The entire place was worn, dated and of much needed repair. This is not to say I did not enjoy the water park. I was there to spend time with family. My two very young nieces came down from New York and they wanted to enjoy the water slides. I normally do not go on the water slides, but I could not say no to my little eight-year-old adorable niece. I think we rode all of the slides; my last count was about fifteen times.

So the stay was not an entire bust. I just wish that the Flamingo Waterpark resort Orlando Hotel would had been kept in better shape. Had better staff and service, not to mention open their restaurant for dinner and not only for breakfast.

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