WonderWorks Review Best Orlando Fl. Places

Wonderworks Review – I almost fell off the high in air rope course but this place is awesome! You have to check it out. I believe Wonderworks is one of the best Orlando Florida paces to visit. If you are visiting the state on vacation or live in Florida. Don’t believe me, check out my video review and more information below.

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Wonderworks Review

Wonderworks Review – I hate heights but I was climbing a glow in the dark rope course 20 feet high in the air and some in places even higher. I was so scared, for safety, I was tethered but my mind was telling me – I was going to die. (Did I mention I hate heights…)

There was a 4D ride – the one I enjoyed the most was the Jurassic Park. They had three 4D movies, the Great Wall of China was cool, I liked it. The 4D Jurassic Park 4D movie. I really enjoyed this one. My wife was so upset I went on without her. They also had a Grand Cannon one that I did not ride but my friends said they enjoyed.

Wonderworks has this interesting well-designed Laser Tag arena. At least I think so. You wear a vest that has sensors; the gun can only shoot if you have both hands on gun. Did I mention I came in third place, I am a machine – you know it.

Wonderworks Activities

What do you think will happen when you lie down on … 3500 NAILS? If you are me, well you freak out and get off as fast as you can. I was not the brave one here, I had a few of my friends do it and we all laughed at how chicken I am.

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The Bubble Lab: If you are anywhere between the ages of 1 and 101, you will love this. I could not believe how teens and adults were having so much fun with this simple exhibit. Wonderworks was wise to keep this one.

100,000 VOLTS of ELECTRICITY to your fingers! The Tesla lab was cool and it was freaking out all of us. Who was going to be the bravest amongst us? It was I! It looked like a large bolt of lightning was headed straight for my hand.

Astronaut Training Challenge: the ride that comes with a warning. If you watched the video, you heard me read it out to you. But then again, I was screaming and laughing the whole ride. This 2-person gyroscope will spin and rotate in multiple, random directions as it simulates the effects that outer space has on humans.

Wonderworks Review

Except for the food options – maybe it was just my mood or maybe I expected better. I love eating pizza, but that’s all they really offered and not much else. But there are a lot of places to eat near by and we had the bands so we could leave and return easily.

Overall, I would rate Wonderworks as one of the best Orlando Fl. Places to visit. If you want to have a good time, try daring exhibits while you experience new things – this is the place for you. Wonderworks has it all in my opinion. It will excite the young and the old. It will keep you interested and amazed, the place is spectacular. Hands down the best Orlando events to enjoy.

My suggestions would be that if you go to Wonderworks, you have to go on the glow in the dark rope course (warning you are very high up). You also have to get on the gyroscope astronaut-training exhibit as well as the virtual roller-coaster. If you do not. You are missing the best parts of Wonderworks.

Wonderworks Locations:
Wonderworks has many locations, visit the Orlando website.
Here is the contact information:
WonderWorks Orlando
9067 International Drive
Orlando, FL 32819
Phone: (407) 351-8800
Hours: Open 365 days a year from 9:00AM-Midnight

wonderworks review Orlando Florida

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